About Me

Me? This site? Why?

I can usually sort my content into one of three categories:

I mostly work with analogue cameras, and I just recently managed to get a darkroom going at home. I mean, who needs a dedicated bedroom anyway? Totally overrated. I scan the negatives I feel like sharing online, and try to replicate the analogue copy as much as possible before uploading, as seen here. You’ll find all my favourite works at my portfolio: freduggla.net! My fav over there is Semblance, which is pretty cool if I do say so myself.

Not a whole lot, work and all that. So, these days I mostly play shorter games which can be completed in one our two sittings. I’ve published two posts in the category gaming as of today, so stay a while and listen read my thoughts on Senuas Sacrifice and GRIS.

I work as a IT-consultant, primarily using open-source software, and I want to share my solutions to specific problems related to my line of work. In some small way give back to the community which have rescued me countless times during furious searching on duckduckgo. You might find my opinion on a thing or two as well. One of my favourite posts, as of today is Firefox Extensions for Privacy and Security.

My email is fred AT THIS.DOMAIN and my GPG key is here. You’ll find me on the githubs and the twitters.

Och om du saknar min gamla blogg, du vet den som var helt spelfokuserad, så hittar du den på https://owlnical.net/arkiv.