The ambassador of gaming

March 2019 · 2 minute read

Gaming has a bit of a bad reputation, some of which is well deserved, but there is also a lot of missconceptions regarding various topics. Fortunatly there’s a certain swede who’s really good at clearing things up for the non-gamer crowd.

You might have heard of Emil “HeatoN” Christensen as he is one of the most famous gamers out there. I just want to highligt that he is an excellent representative for e-sports and for gaming in general. As the former captain, and later on manager, of the elite Counter-Strike team Ninjas in Pyjamas he seems more than used to being in front of the camera.1

I’m not talking about post-gaming interviews here, think breakfast TV covering a broad range of topics. And thus - from time to time - gaming. Most likely a foreign topic for a majority of the viewers, so the usual questions are to be expected. What is e-sport? Is e-sport and actual sport? Do you drink anything other than <liquid consisting 95% of sugar+caffeine>?234

Regardless of which question comes up HeatoN always delivers calm, well thought out and honest answers. Quick to point out the good stuff but not covering from difficult topics like toxic communities or the need to escape everyday life. He is out there bridging the gap between us gamer and soon-to-be-gamers. It’s amazing, it really is.

It seems, like most of us, that Emil has gone through some shit in life, thus I’m very happy to share the following quote from one of his interview broadcasted on national TV.

Jag mår bättre än någonsin, efter alla motgångar

I’m not sure how to translate it really. It’s kinda-something-maybe like this:

I feel better than ever, having been trough considerable hardship

(Well hey this turned out to be one of the most cheesy posts I’ve written to date, even managed to wrap things up with a quote. Good on me. Carpe Diem.)