Are you still there?

October 2017 · 3 minute read

May the 5th 2011 was a wonderful day in Sweden. My then hometown of Norrtälje was bathing in sunlight, winter long forgotten. I spent dusk to dawn inside of course. It’s just not feasible to take your gaming rig outside, no matter what time of year it is. Besides, I was about to publish the first post on glxblt (the precursor to A gaming blog (in Swedish) with content that I’m still proud of. I kept tabs on twitter, subscribed to RSS-feeds, signed up to mailing lists and constantly refreshed threads on NeoGAF. New posts were actually published fairly frequently too! Rumors, news, opinions, articles, galleries, gameplay and all kinds of content. And I feel like my writing actually improved quite a bit with time as well.

The sad thing is, in the end it kinda took the fun out of actual gaming. Thus, after a couple of years, things slowed down and eventually I stopped posting content altogether.

I still feel like writing sometimes. Although not only about the world of gaming, but about other topics as well. This does of course not fit in that well with the overall theme of, so I’ve decided to reboot it.

The best part about starting from scratch is, of course, the opportunity to try out a new blogging tool or two. I’ve used WordPress, Blogger, OctoPress, Tumblr and few other smaller projects. All have their advantages and disadvantages. WordPress can be customized in any number of ways and have a huge community behind it. Tumblr makes it really easy to share posts and interact with other users. OctoPress was at the time hot shit, ridiculously fast and interesting from a technical point of view.

At first I looked at Grav, which honestly seems pretty cool, almost like a lightweight version of WordPress. No need for a DB though! Posts are stored in markdown files (essentially .txt files with a really clear and simple syntax). Setting up hooks for two way sync with a remote git remote was a piece of cake using the git-sync plugin. In the end it was a bit finicky though.

I’ll be using Hugo. A static site generator which - from my point of view - seems to be actively maintained, updated and have a community behind it.

I was surprised to see there’s a huge range of themes available. After testing a couple of them none really met my requirements unfortunately. I’ll go with this one for the time being and perhaps spend some time customizing it in the future. Right now I just want to get started!

As for the old content, I’m still not sure if I’ll import it (shouldn’t be that tricky) or just move it to a subdomain (e.g. We’ll see.

Edit: The old blog is now included as a part of the new site. All posts are visible under

Edit2 2018-01-07: I’m never gonna replace this theme am I….

Edit3 2019-02-11: Made som customizations with images and shit and I’m actually really satisfied with the look of things. And the site is still free of JS so it loads pretty fast (minimized HTML/CSS) even though it’s hosted on my 10mpbs WAN link.