Images in VLC

November 2019 ยท 1 minute read

Dunno how I discovered that you can edit images in VLC. Probably by misstake! Anywho I messed around with the available tools on the train ride home today and managed to create a couple of images which I feel have potential. The red color in the first image is really nice, and the white outline (the highlighted edge) in the middle BW portrait is pretty cool too.

If you want to try it yourself simply change the active video effects available under the tools menu and effects and filters. They can be applied to images as well as video (beware that some effects, like gradients, might max out all available CPU cores).

It’s all fairly limited of course, I mean we’re not talking about RawTherapee here. However, there’s a certain charm to using programs without a ton of options. Also, it’s interesting that VLC supports pictures, my best guess is that it’s a basic function for slideshows.

Images in VLC by Owlnical is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.
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