Semblance Is Something

May 2019 ยท 1 minute read

Semblance is unlike anything else I’ve created so far, and that’s a big deal since I find it really difficult to create something outside of my usual comfort zone.

A fouth image of the the tree during the winter would be pretty great, but it’s impossile right now. 1: It’s summer. 2: The tree is ~300km down south. I’ll have to locate a similar one around here. Shouldn’t be to hard (I hope) to match it to the others, assuming the background is somewhat “clean”.

I got some great feedback regarding the colours and the background as well, so I might do some further tweaking. It’s been ages since I discussed photography with someone besides Oliver (my cat) and ever longer since I got any sort of constructive criticism on any of my works.

The images are available in full size at

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